22 Reasons to Join NAWBO Southern Nevada in 2022

Jan 22, 2022

What are the advantages of becoming a member of a national organization representing the interests of all women entrepreneurs in the United States? They’re countless in many ways, but in this post, we share our top 22 reasons for why you should join NAWBO Southern Nevada in 2022. From boosting your personal and professional growth to providing valuable resources you can’t find anywhere else, the benefits are truly endless.

1. National Benefits

When you become a NAWBO member, you’re automatically enrolled in both the National Organization and the Southern Nevada Chapter, giving you access to an incredible range of resources of support.

2. Discounts

NAWBO members enjoy exclusive discounts from businesses like Wells Fargo, UPS, TurboTax, PR Newswire, and more. You also gain access to discounted advertising opportunities.

3. Fun

Women’s networking events are not only incredible bonding times, but they’re also fun! Even when done remotely, traditional ice-breaking activities are much more satisfying if they include a little creativity and a lot of laughter.

4. Diversity

NAWBO’s diversity and inclusion initiative is designed to empower women business owners across all backgrounds and industries and offers varying programs that speak directly to the needs of members as individuals.

5. Belonging

Whether it’s to one another, our family, friends, or community, humans have a natural need to feel they belong. Women entrepreneurs who are NAWBO members belong to an organization entirely focused on strengthening and furthering their professional and personal goals.

6. Equity

By strengthening the wealth-creating capacity of its members, NAWBO propels women business owners into greater social, economic, and political spheres of power worldwide.

7. Meaningful Activities

Local and national workshops, training, and other events help you grow your business, boost your knowledge, and meet your goals. Monthly luncheons help you connect with decision-making women business owners and feature speakers who offer insights into achieving your dream.

8. Networking

Your NAWBO membership provides you with national and local platforms to tap into the power of an already established community of women entrepreneurs. Member-only networking events allow you to build close relationships and discuss business issues as your needs evolve.

9. Resources

From a user-generated articles library to national and local membership directories, NAWBO’s wealth of indispensable resources and referrals helps expand your reach and promote your success.

10. Education Opportunities

NAWBO is a powerful resource for learning. Quarterly e-learning webinars and leadership development trainings provide quality education on today’s most important topics that impact members’ businesses and bottom lines.

11. Support in Your Entrepreneurial Journey

When you join NAWBO Southern Nevada, you gain access to what we call “The 4 Cs:” capital, confidence, community, and (U.S.) capitol. Education, resources, leadership training, support, and advocacy are just some of the experiences you’ll enjoy as a member.

12. Gives Back to Community

Studies show that small businesses donate 250% more than large companies to local charities, non-profits, and community causes. Giving back to the community also has a fantastic effect on our members, their employees, and their businesses, boosting local economies and improving everyone’s quality of life.

13. Surrounded by Like-Minded Women Business Owners

Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one out there doing what you do. But there are others like you, and they want to help and support you both personally and professionally!

14. Personal Growth

We all understand the importance of investing in our businesses, but it’s important to remember that you’re always your best investment! Personal development helps you make long-lasting connections, confidently handle decisions, and boost business success.

15. Professional Growth

NAWBO helps you hone your leadership skills at the local, state, and national level while building strategic alliances. You also learn to create innovative and effective change in the business culture and transform public policy.

16. Business Growth

Growing a business requires a willingness to adapt and adjust your thinking as your company transitions through different growth stages. Membership in NAWBO Southern Nevada ensures you don’t have to go through your growing pains alone.

17. Partnerships

One of NAWBO’s greatest benefits is its ability to build strategic alliances, affiliations, and coalitions with corporate and affinity partners that help support and propel the growth and prosperity of women-owned businesses.

18. Advocacy

Founded in 1975 to be the first advocacy organization for women business owners, NAWBO uses its various advocacy initiatives to amplify women entrepreneurs’ voices, ensuring they’re heard when local and national policies are created and legislation is enacted.

19. Connection

NAWBO membership offers incredible opportunities for connecting and building long-term
relationships with other women entrepreneurs who will motivate and inspire you, no matter what size your business or what sector you’re in. There’s simply no better community for supporting, advising, recognizing, and celebrating fellow women entrepreneurs. Many members talk about how important it has been for them to share experiences and challenges with other women who understand what they’re going through on a daily basis.

20. Institute for Entrepreneurial Development

Many members credit their participation in NAWBO’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Development for making them better people and business owners. The Institute was created to provide emerging and established women entrepreneurs with capacity building and organizational development opportunities. A one-stop resource, it covers everything from education to articles, best practices, and webinars from national experts and thought leaders.

21. Make a Difference

Every NAWBO member has the opportunity to make an impact. You can become a board member or join a committee to help make a real and relevant difference both locally and nationally.

22. You Belong Here!

Created by women for women, we understand that entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely path. NAWBO Southern Nevada was created to help you face the highs, lows, and challenges many others don’t understand. You get to enjoy a special connection with a like-minded community of leaders, visionaries, and trailblazers who provide the support and encouragement you need to build and grow your business.

Become a NAWBO Southern Nevada Member

By opening yourself up to the combined knowledge, wisdom, and expertise of NAWBO’s diverse members, you can experience near-immediate results that support your business goals. Visit our membership page to learn more about joining today!

22 Reasons Why Women Business Owners Should Join NAWBO Southern Nevada in 2022