Welcome to the

National Association of Women Business Owners

– Southern Nevada Chapter

Congratulations on choosing sponsorship of a well-respected national membership organization that strives to propel women into economic, social and political spheres of knowledge and influence.  Founded in 1975 NAWBO is the voice of Americans more than 10 million Women – Owned business and is the only dues based national organization representing the interest of women entrepreneurs across all industries.

Women are driving new business starts – because they’ve had to: Nearly half (47%) of businesses started by women in the past year are minority-owned. Many did so out of need – minority women were more than twice as likely (35% vs. 17% for others) to start a new business because of financial imperative. They are women that carry the bulk of financial responsibility for their families: Just over half of women (51%) who started their businesses last year are either the sole provider for their household or the primary source of household income. More often, they’re doing it all on their own: 66% of women that started their businesses last year are sole proprietors. They’re deeply committed to making their businesses work: Despite the instability of the last year, 77% of women that started new business said they’d do it all over again if given the opportunity. An additional 31% said that they would delay or forgo compensation for one month or more to keep their business afloat; 23% said they would sell personal property. They want to hire in the year ahead: 36% said they intend to hire new employees.

One of the greatest strengths of NAWBO Southern Nevada (SNV) is our ability to build strategic alliances, coalitions, and affiliations with partners that support our organizational mission. We believe that building such partnerships enable us to better serve our members and the business community at large. NAWBO SNV brings an unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of our community and serves as the most direct and effective conduit for tapping into the fastest-growing segment of the economy—women business owners.

As an unparalleled source for the trusted guidance women entrepreneurs seek in navigating the various stages of their business growth, NAWBO SNV is committed to building meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with our sponsors. By supporting NAWBO SNV, you’ll be at the heart of the relationship between women entrepreneurs and the products and services they trust. As a valued sponsor, you’ll be among an exclusive group of organizations that partner with NAWBO SNV while at the same time building your brand with a fiercely loyal sector of the business population. In short, the two are inextricably linked. Women business owners look to our sponsors for not only the best solutions to the business challenges they face in growing their enterprises but for partnerships with companies who are true champions of their success. NAWBO SNV opens its doors to all companies that share our vision.

Your Corporate Sponsorship contributions help NAWBO SNV focus on these areas in our community;

  • Advocacy for Women-owned and small Businesses Locally and Nationally
  • Women Leadership programs
  • Professional Development
  • Increasing the overall diversity of our membership
  • Program Supporting minority community businesses
  •  Recognition of Leaders in the Women Owned Business Community
  • Grant and Scholarship Opportunities.

    We are hyper focused on the value being brought to you through our monthly community programming, our connections to each other and our corporate partners, and our conversations to educate each other on how advocacy plays a major role in the success of small women owned businesses locally and nationally.

    By becoming a NAWBO Corporate Sponsor you have already taken a step in the right direction to tap into the power of an already established community of successful women entrepreneurs and the platform to raise your hand and voice to affect change and influence within the business community and show your support for one of the most rapidly growing business sectors, that of women business owners.

    As with anything, the value you receive is often a reflection of what you give and so we hope to learn not only how NAWBO SNV can support you, though what areas of expertise you have that can lift up our chapter through service on one of our committees.  The more diverse our contribution of thought and participation is the more value our overall community receives.

    Benefits are structured to and may be customized to meet sponsors’ business goals with an emphasis on providing visibility and recognition among our membership as well as the women entrepreneurial community at large. NAWBO SNV does not offer market exclusivity for partnerships. Right of refusal and renewal: NAWBO SNV considers partnerships as an extension of the NAWBO SNV brand. In the interest of protecting our valuable brand, NAWBO SNV reserves the right to decline to initiate or renew any partnership for any reason. NAWBO SNV also reserves the right to terminate partnerships should adverse developments transpire during the course of the contract.