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National Association of Women Business Owners

– Southern Nevada Chapter

Congratulations on choosing sponsorship of a well-respected national membership organization that strives to propel women into economic, social and political spheres of knowledge and influence.  Founded in 1975 NAWBO is the voice of Americans more than 10 million Women – Owned business and is the only dues based national organization representing the interest of women entrepreneurs across all industries.

Women have emerged as a formidable demographic, wielding substantial influence as decision-makers across various sectors. Their growing presence in leadership roles and as entrepreneurs have reshaped industries and societal norms. Recognizing their economic and social impact is essential for fostering inclusive progress and harnessing the transformative power of women’s leadership.

Women continue to drive a surge in new businesses, with a remarkable 47% owned by women of color.

Many of these women are the financial backbone of their families. 51% are the sole breadwinner or primary income provider for their household.

66% of these trailblazing women are forging ahead as sole proprietors shielding the responsibilities alone.

Looking ahead, these determined women have their sights set on growth. 36% intend to hire new employees.

Women business owners embody resilience and dedication, driving the future of entrepreneurship.


Enhanced reputation and brand image: by supporting women, you demonstrate a commitment to social causes, diversity and gender equality.

Strengthening community engagement fosters a positive relationship with stakeholders and builds goodwill amongst the community at large.

Talent, attraction, and retention. By supporting women in business, you appeal more to potential employees who value gender diversity and social impact.

Access to new markets. Building relationships with women in businesses can open doors to collaboration and partnerships and create access to potentially untapped markets.

Innovation and knowledge sharing. Supporting women-owned businesses allows you to tap into these networks to foster innovation, share or collect industry insights and gain access to fresh perspectives.

NAWBO SNV is the ultimate resource for women entrepreneurs, and we’re dedicated to fostering valuable partnerships with our sponsors. By supporting us, you’ll be central to the connection between women business owners and the trusted products and services they rely on, elevating your business and brand within this fiercely loyal business community. Join us and become a true champion of their success. Our doors are open to all like-minded companies who share our vision.


Your funding support helps women business owners grow their businesses, network, and wealth through education, events, and more. This propels them into spheres of influence professionally, socially, and politically. We do this by:


  •  STRENGTHENING the wealth-creating capacity of our members and promoting
    economic development.
  •  CREATING innovative and effective changes in the business culture.
  • BUILDING strategic alliances, coalitions, and affiliations. 
  • TRANSFORMING public policy and influencing opinion.
  • MENTORSHIP matching corporate partners and members.

We’re deeply committed to delivering value through our Educate HER and Represent HER programs, fostering connections with our partners and engaging in insightful discussions on advocacy’s pivotal role in the success of local women business owners 

Being a NAWBO Southern Nevada corporate sponsor positions you at the heart of an established community of successful women entrepreneurs, offering a platform to advocate for change and influence within the business community. Your support is instrumental in empowering the rapidly growing sector of women business owners.

We believe in value reciprocity and are committed to supporting you and leveraging your expertise through committee involvement. Together, we can enrich our Southern Nevada community with diverse perspectives and active participation, benefiting us all.

Corporate Partnership 2023-2024

Benefits are structured to and may be customized to meet sponsors’ business goals with an emphasis on providing visibility and recognition among our membership as well as the women entrepreneurial community at large. NAWBO SNV does not offer market exclusivity for partnerships. Right of refusal and renewal: NAWBO SNV considers partnerships as an extension of the NAWBO SNV brand. In the interest of protecting our valuable brand, NAWBO SNV reserves the right to decline to initiate or renew any partnership for any reason. NAWBO SNV also reserves the right to terminate partnerships should adverse developments transpire during the course of the contract.

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