NAWBO Southern Nevada: Las Vegas Community Relations Outreach

May 27, 2022

Yuan-Fen Lai serves as the Chair of Community Relations for the NAWO Southern Nevada chapter. Yuan-Fen is an accomplished Financial Services Professional at New York Life.  She has over 35 years of experience in Insurance and Financial Services industries. She is a Lifetime Member of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) which is the premier Association of Financial Professionals.  She is a respected woman business leader in the Southern Nevada community, bringing communities, resources and outreach together to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Yuan-Fen Lai and get an inside take at her community relations outreach among the Southern Nevada community.

Community Relations Q & A

  1. Yuan-Fen, can you tell us in your own words why it is important to give back to the community?

I think that community service is not only about helping others, but also an opportunity to expand your view and horizon. Helping others in the community enables you to develop empathy, leadership skills, and other skills you may not have realized. Best of all, your actions will be able to make a positive and lasting impact. So why not do community service?

  1. How does giving back to our local community affect women business owners?

We are connected in this world. Although we are all in different areas of business, we are all interconnected in some way, shape or form. When you get involved more in the community, you also get to learn what other businesses are doing or simply know what is happening around you. When women business owners participate in community service, they get a chance to build more connections and friendships that will last a lifetime that in turn, will help their businesses in the long run. When we help each other, we also help share the values of our organization, not only internally but externally too.

  1. Can you tell us of your involvement with the charities or organizations you’ve been involved with?

I have been President of an organization called the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women, Las Vegas chapter for the past 4 years. This chapter’s mission is bringing Asian business women together, building connections and helping each other. I am also currently the Ambassador for Asian Chamber of Commerce. My role within that organization consists of supporting and helping new businesses launch with ribbon cutting, contacting officials, obtaining their certificates, among other essentials needed to launch a new business.

I’ve also been involved with several other organizations throughout the years, such as the Cure 4 the Kids Foundation which is a great organization located here in Nevada. Currently I’m in the St. Jude Children’s Research Heart of Fashion Committee for annual fund raising. Through NAWBO, we’ve organized a costume drive for Dr. C. Owen Roundy Elementary School last Halloween, and wrote inspiration notes for Dress for Success. Those are just some examples of my involvement in the community.

  1. You are also a recipient of the Asian Chamber Community Service Volunteer of the Year award. What does this award/achievement mean to you?

I strongly believe that the secret of living is giving. I appreciate this honor.  It’s a confirmation about my commitment and contributions to the community services. It also enriches my life via the connections I built.

Being a small business owner, we can often get very busy with what we do day in and day out. This award strengthens my belief that in giving back to the community allows you to fulfill your purpose in life and professional goals/dreams.

  1. How has NAWBO helped your business and professional development?

I’ve been a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners since 2016. I always encourage other people not only to just join the organization, but also to get involved and participate in a committee. This organization was created by women for women, and it provides many resources, opens doors for endless opportunities at local and nationwide level.

My involvement within NAWBO has helped me build my sisterhood and connections with other business leaders and people in my community.

  1. Why should women business owners consider joining NAWBO Southern Nevada?

NAWBO provides resources for women business owners. It helps business women in many levels. We have monthly luncheons where we discuss different topics each month to help grow yourself and business. Being your own boss and running your business can be challenging, but having an organization whose only reason to exist is to help you grow and build connections is pretty amazing, let alone a nationally recognized one.

I’ve experienced some challenge in my business and I was able to resolve it via the discussion with other members in NAWBO. There are so many resources and opportunities that come along that you wouldn’t have come across on your own. NAWBO always advocates for women business owners.

Connect with NAWBO Southern Nevada’s Community Relations Committee

The NAWBO Community Relations committee, headed by community leader, Yuan-Fen Lai, is always recruiting committee members and volunteers as well as finding organizations which NAWBO can lend their support, awareness and community service to.

To get connected with Yuan-Fen Lai, please give her a call at 973-462-3887 or email her directly at

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Las Vegas Community Outreach Committee Chair, Yuan-Fen Lai