Women Business Ownership in Southern Nevada On the Rise

Dec 15, 2021

Women’s business ownership is on the rise across the United States, and Southern Nevada plays a huge part of the trend. A recent study conducted by Fundera found that out of the 15 top cities for women entrepreneurs, Paradise, Nevada came in a cool second, with only Seattle seeing a higher percentage of women-owned businesses. Women business owners in Southern Nevada earn nearly twice as much as men business owners do, and, because housing costs are relatively low compared to other cities on the list, enjoy a higher standard of living.

What’s Behind The Increase In Women Business Owners in Southern Nevada?

Before the pandemic, women made up about a quarter of new entrepreneurs. In 2020, women business owners created half of all new small businesses. What’s behind the sudden jump in numbers?

  • Nationwide, women have been leaving the workplace due to pay inequality and caregiving expectations.
  • They’re ready to be their own boss.
  • A desire to pursue a passion.

Women business owners in Southern Nevada also cite the area’s embrace of small businesses in general and women-focused support organizations specifically as their reason for taking the leap. Associations like NAWBO offer programs that empower women and provide opportunities like classes, services, and access to capital that not too long ago didn’t exist.

Plus, although people tend to think of Las Vegas as a big city, the women who own businesses here say it’s actually a much smaller community where everyone helps one another. That’s doubly true for those who join NAWBO Southern Nevada, a powerful resource for connecting with and benefiting from other women business owners’ resources and expertise.

Three of the most significant advantages a NAWBO Southern Nevada membership include are connections, learning, and business growth:

Connections: Building Relationships With Other Women Entrepreneurs

The value of access to women who are at various stages of owning and managing a business is nearly incalculable. Those with years of ownership under their belt can share gained wisdom on everything from hiring staff to applying for capital and leasing a building. Networking with other women business owners starting out allows for new business owners to have the opportunity to share their hopes and fears in their newly established entrepreneurship journey.

Learning Opportunities

The world is changing so fast, and nowhere is that more evident than in the small business sphere, where new technologies appear almost daily. Webinars, workshops, leadership development training, and public policy calls help women entrepreneurs at every stage of the process, providing members with fresh new insights and perspectives about the latest trends in Las Vegas and across the country.

Growing Your Business

NAWBO is home to a multitude of resources for women business owners. Multiple corporate partners at the national level include Bank of America, Dell, UPS, Wells Fargo, and more. Membership also includes national perks, including discounts that represent significant savings on everything from banking to flowers and automobiles.

Join NAWBO Southern Nevada

NAWBO Southern Nevada membership is a relatively small investment that can deliver big returns for women business owners. It opens the door to relationships that last a lifetime and helps you grow your business in ways you might never have imagined. Visit our membership page today to learn more about joining our local chapter today!

Women Business Owner in Front of Her Southern Nevada Small Business