Women in Business: The Backbone of America

Aug 31, 2022

Women and small businesses are often called the “backbone of America’s economy.” Women entrepreneurs possess an enterprising spirit that’s driving the creation of millions of jobs, starting nearly 50% of the new businesses in the US in 2021—up from 28% just three years ago!

Still, women in business face significant financial and personal difficulties, including a lack of funding, peer support, and maintaining a work-life balance. NAWBO was founded in 1975 to help women overcome these obstacles and succeed at work and home.

Stereotypes Women in Business Still Face

One of the greatest challenges women in business face is being taken seriously as a woman, regardless of their years in business, age, and race. Women who succeed often experience imposter syndrome, lose trust in themselves as owners and leaders and begin to question whether they’re truly capable of running and growing their businesses.

Overcoming this lack of confidence is exactly what NAWBO was formed to do. Women who join NAWBO Southern Nevada feel less alone and more capable of leading and making good decisions. No one in the room is judging you because you’re a woman, and that can be an incredible emotional and professional stabilizer.

How a NAWBO Membership Can Help Grow Your Business

The benefits of joining a local NAWBO group are significant:

  • You’re plugged into your own community that understands what’s happening at a local level.
  • You have an opportunity to build a network of resources, learn from others’ best practices, and discover how they implemented new policies.
  • You gain a greater understanding of how local government decisions affect your business.
  • You have access to a national and broader network of resources, advocacy, discounts and more!

Aside from networking opportunities, NAWBO also offers workshops, lunch meetings, and grants to local women-owned enterprises at the Women of Distinction Awards (WODA).

There’s a reason NAWBO’s tagline is “Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders.” Our organization is committed to helping multi-generations of women in business develop business strategies that reflect their visions and goals.

On a local level, NAWBO Southern Nevada is working to diversify the chapter, so it fully mirrors where women business ownership is headed. Diversity of thought and different perspectives on work and life can be incredibly inspirational, helping non-traditional entrepreneurs tap into relevant professional development tools and support.

Join Southern Nevada’s Leading Women in Business Organization

From advocacy initiatives to webinars and leadership development training, NAWBO Southern Nevada is here to give you the support and encouragement you need to grow your business. Visit our membership page to learn more about joining today!

Women in Business Join the NAWBO Southern Nevada Chapter