How Corporate Partners Can Best Support Women Entrepreneurs

Apr 10, 2023

The World Economic Forum is an international organization that works with business and other societal leaders to shape global, regional, and industry agendas. It focuses much of its efforts on supporting entrepreneurship and believes that progress happens when people from all walks of life unite to make positive change.

The Forum’s 2022 Davos Agenda included a presentation on research conducted by several entities that put forth two primary ways corporate partners could support women entrepreneurs:

  1. Improve opportunities via non-financial investment.
  2. Grow the pipeline of women with skills to serve on investment teams.

For despite the surge in women-owned businesses, female entrepreneurs still face significant barriers to growth their male counterpoints do not. Strategic partnerships with the private sector can help shift that dynamic.

Corporate Partnerships: Their Role and Benefits

A terrific benefit of joining NAWBO Southern Nevada is the opportunity members get to build strategic alliances, affiliations, and coalitions with corporate and affinity partners.

Corporate partners are seen by many experts as crucial to helping women entrepreneurs overcome funding obstacles. Advantages of corporate partnerships include:

  • Overcoming the conscious or unconscious bias inherent in venture capital funding.
  • Making connections within the community with businesses you can support in return.
  • Improved opportunities through non-financial investment, such as accelerating timelines and connecting you to customers and suppliers.

Ultimately, corporate partnerships are two-way streets where NAWBO members support those who support us. We use our partner’s services, attend their events, and recommend them to others. And when our corporate partners have initiatives they’re promoting, we provide mobilized groups of dedicated women business owners to help them achieve their goals.

How Collaborative Strategies with Corporate Partners Increase Profits

The best collaborations with corporate partners are those that help businesses be profitable and successful. Financially, they help brands broaden their reach and enable them to bid for larger contracts. Operationally, they lead to cost-efficiency and help accelerate growth with technological advancements.

NAWBO Southern Nevada’s corporate partners run the gamut from mastermind groups to real estate firms. They include:

  • US Bank
  • Bank of Nevada
  • Lexicon Bank
  • Nevada State College
  • New York Life
  • Bergen Commercial Real Estate
  • MGM Resorts
  • Caesars Resorts
  • Taurean Consulting Group
  • Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative

And the list goes on, with more businesses joining regularly.

NAWBO Southern Nevada: Collaborative Resources to Grow Your Business

While much remains to be done to tap into the potential of corporate partnerships to close the opportunity gap for women entrepreneurs, by building a network of support and resources, women entrepreneurs can thrive.

Ready to learn more or become a member? Visit NAWBO Southern Nevada’s membership page today.