How to Find and Build Your Supportive Tribe in Business

Apr 10, 2023

What do you think about when you hear the word “entrepreneur?” If you’re like many people, it brings to mind terms like independent, autonomous, and outsider. Yet, as beneficial as those traits can be in launching a business, every successful entrepreneur knows they can only go it alone for so long. This is when you need to find your tribe in business.

When you surround yourself with a support system of enterprising, like-minded individuals, it increases your joy of owning a business and elevates everything you do. Being part of a business tribe is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to yourself, helping you accomplish your business and life goals.

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What is a Business Tribe?

There are many ways to build a tribe, but they all have two things in common:

  1. A shared interest.
  2. A way to communicate.

A business tribe is women linking arms to create a more powerful force for moving forward. Members cheer each other on when things go right and help pick each other up when they don’t.

As a woman business owner, it’s best to have two tribes you rely on; an internal community or your work team and an external one of fellow entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey and help remind you why you do what you do.

Why Business is a Contact Sport

An entrepreneur’s journey is often challenging and lonely. So, it’s easy to forget how important relationships are to personal and business success. Connecting with and supporting others helps you grow your business, improve your leadership, and expand your influence.

While modern techniques like social media are terrific for building a brand and extending your reach, true business relationships run deeper and stronger. Something about being face-to-face with people who’ve had similar experiences, obstacles, and triumphs helps make you a better business owner or entrepreneur.

How to Find Your Tribe in Business

Building a tribe frequently involves looking beyond your inner circle. It’s true that the people who’ve been with you from the start are strong advocates. Yet relying solely on them can keep you from spreading your wings and trying new things.

To find your tribe in business, you must put yourself out there. Organizations like NAWBO, networking groups, and Chambers of Commerce are all good places to look for tribe members. And here’s a little secret to keep in mind as you begin your search: it’s not always who you know but who you help that will benefit you the most.

To keep your tribe engaged and motivated, you should also establish lines of communication that facilitate shared ideas and mutual support. In-person meetings, group video calls, and online social platforms are just a few of the ways tribe members keep in touch.

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