NAWBO Advocacy: Building a Sustainable Future for Woman-Owned Businesses

Mar 29, 2022

Adopting sustainable business practices places value on women, people and the way the world works, inspiring tomorrow’s leaders. NAWBO’s advocacy initiatives help woman-owned businesses build better, connected & sustainable futures for their businesses and generations to come.

Woman Owned Businesses Leading the Sustainability Change

Members of the National Association of Women Business Owners represent the diversity & the importance of having woman-owned businesses fuel the growth of the nation’s economy. Regardless of race, stage of business development, sectors, business size or any other factor, NAWBO is a national organization that serves as the collective voice for women entrepreneurs in the Nation’s Capital and state capitals across the country.

Through the years, women have faced all kinds of challenges as business leaders. NAWBO’s advocacy efforts began nearly 45 years ago, during a time when women couldn’t get a business bank loan without a male relative as a cosigner. But times have changed! Women owned less than five percent of the nation’s businesses before the 1970s compared to just under 40 percent in 2022. Making women entrepreneurs a force to be reckoned with.

What NAWBO’s Advocacy Means for Southern Nevada Women Entrepreneurs

As the woman owned business landscape continues to evolve, NAWBO Southern Nevada gives its members a more prominent voice than they’d have as individuals. Advocacy initiatives focus on educating women entrepreneurs on important business issues and the tools available to them throughout NAWBO’s advocacy resources help boost their personal and professional growth.

NAWBO’s current advocacy agenda is designed to:

  • Address the needs of microbusinesses and encourage emerging entrepreneurs.
  • Help members level the hiring playing field.
  • Increase broadband expansion into rural and other underserved areas.
  • Create a network of financial professionals who can help members access capital through increased financial literacy education.

Multiple NAWBO advocacy partners provide members access to decision-makers who could have the resources they need to grow their business and deal with challenges either specific to business ownership in Southern Nevada or on a broader national or global scale.

The Connection Between Advocacy and Profits

It’s common for business owners to become so involved in keeping their business afloat, that they lose sight of how vital and beneficial advocacy efforts can be. From laws and regulations to taxes and fees, issues outside daily operations matter greatly when growing a business.

NAWBO’s advocacy and education programs keep women business owners on track and support them in areas unique to them, such as childcare. And because women are traditionally viewed as caregivers, they’re less likely to put themselves first, missing out on the various programs and resources that are in place to ensure they have a fair and equitable business ownership experience.

The Way Forward With NAWBO Advocacy

NAWBO was founded in 1975 as the first advocacy organization for women business owners. Today, it uses multiple advocacy initiatives to amplify woman-owned businesses & entrepreneurs’ voices, ensuring they’re heard when national, state, and local policies are created and legislation is enacted. When you choose to become a NAWBO member, you’re making an investment that can deliver a lifetime of benefits & advantages. Visit our membership page today to learn more about joining!

Woman-Owned Businesses Lead the Sustainability Change