National Women’s Health Month: Health in Business

Jun 6, 2023

National Women’s Health Month: Health in Business

May is National Women’s Health Month in the US. The designation was created to raise awareness, educate the public about women’s health issues, and encourage women to prioritize their well-being all year long. It also draws attention to women’s unique health needs and promotes policies that support women’s health research, funding, and initiatives.

Women’s Health Month and women entrepreneurs are closely tied for many reasons. NAWBO Southern Nevada is committed to uplifting women, providing them with the necessary tools to be healthy and build successful businesses.

NAWBO Celebrates National Women’s Health Month

Women-owned and operated businesses are an essential part of the Southern Nevada community. With a growing focus on personal health, we support local, state, and health initiatives that help women make taking care of their health a top priority.

Ways in which women can commit to better health include:

  • Eliminating alcohol, tobacco, and unhealthy foods.
  • Adopting “clean eating” at home.
  • Exercising for at least 30 minutes five days a week.
  • Enhancing mental and emotional health through volunteering, meditating, and spending more time with loved ones.

When you make healthy living an essential part of your business goals, you and your company benefit in multiple ways.

  1. Companies that invest in women’s health have higher productivity and see better female employee retention rates and health outcomes.
  2. Entrepreneurship is empowering for women. By supporting your and other women’s health, you increase your sense of control and independence.
  3. Women’s unique health issues like reproductive and maternal health have a significant impact on their lives and can affect their ability to launch and grow a business. Addressing women’s health challenges creates an environment where women thrive.
  4. When you prioritize your health, you’re better equipped to access resources like funding, mentorship, and networks to start or expand your business.
  5. Sharing a common goal like women’s health can inspire female entrepreneurs to overcome health challenges and not see them as barriers to their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Joining NAWBO Southern Nevada offers women entrepreneurs the opportunity to contribute to and participate in the economic and social development of their communities. Because when your community is healthy, it can ultimately benefit your business’s bottom line!

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NAWBO Southern Nevada believes that when we work to improve women’s overall health and well-being, we provide them with the resources they need to manage health concerns and live healthier lives. That’s why we offer lunch meetings, workshops, and more, including webinars and leadership development training. Upcoming events include the NAWBO May Book Club from May 17 to May 24, and the NAWBO May 2023 Mix, Mingle, Headshot, Makeover & Mimosas Brunch on May 21.

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